Getting to the Office

by smiley ~ July 7th, 2008. Filed under: Funny Things, Working a

The  parking lot is located 3 miles from the office.  A swamp and lava pit are located in between at the bottom of a 50 foot deep canyon and the only way employees are able to cross in via an old rickety bridge like the scary ones you see in movies. After crossing the bridge the emloyee is at the summit of a 150 foot tall, extremely steep and muddy hill (Smiley Foot loves to go slip sliding down the hill).  The offices are at the top of this hill.  Once the employee has climed the hill and is in the building he or she will be required to pass through standard security protocols consisting of Guantanamo Bay style interrogation.  As the final test, before entering the office all employees must stand on their head and sing any the theme to Pinkey and the Brain.

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