Mad Scientist Laugh

by smiley ~ July 12th, 2008. Filed under: World Domination.

The single most important thing that a Mad Scientist needs in order to be effective is “the laugh” .  “The laugh” is something that cannot be faked or acted, because it is not a true laugh as in a funny, ha-ha laugh, in fact there is very little that is ha-ha funny related to the mad scientist laugh.  “The laugh” doesn’t start off as a laugh at all, it starts off as an idea, a crazy scheme that no mere mortal would ever possibly comprehend.  This idea grows inside the mad scientist, it occupies his thoughts,  the details of the plot fall into place like tetris pieces in his mind, everywhere he organizes them until there exists a plan worthy of taking over the world.

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  1. sikantis

    Great blog. And laughing can really be revolutionary.

  2. CatTraitty


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