The Brilliant Bulb Upgrade

by smiley ~ July 20th, 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized.

Everybody knows that when you have a brilliant idea a light bulb goes off above your head.  I have a problem.  You see, my ideas are so brilliant that the light bulb blinds me!  Take  last Thursday for example.  I had a brilliant idea to change my brilliant bulb from an incandescent to a compact florescent light bulb in order to conserve energy.  When I had this idea my brilliant bulb lit up and blinded me.  I decided I need to change it, vision impared or not.  I reached in the general vicinity I believed the bulb to be and accidentally grabbed hold of the ceiling fan. The ceiling fan grabbed hold of me and threw me through the living room wall.  I did end up completing the upgrade of my brilliant bulb and after 175 years of use it should save me enough money to pay for the Sheetrock repairs.

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