Solution for Olympic Smog

by smiley ~ July 31st, 2008

China is very worried now about clean air and there was a big story today in the news about how the smog in the air makes it look polluted. The Smiley Foot solution is to give attendees of the Olympic Games a pair of sunglasses that will make everything sunnier instead of darker. The proverbial “rose colored glasses” are the solution. As far as breathing the pollution I think everyone should remember what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger.

Do the Wednesday Wobble!

by smiley ~ July 30th, 2008

Wobble, wobble, wobble then you shake, shake, shake. Jump to the left, jump to the right. Now everybody shout “Don’t sneeze on me!”

What if Bob Was a Rebob?

by smiley ~ July 29th, 2008

What if Bob was a Rebob? would that make him a oyster without sunglasses? If it did could I buy him a pair of sunglasses to make him feel better?

Joke of the Monday

by smiley ~ July 28th, 2008

Knock knock
-Who’s there?
-Boo Who?
It’s not that bad, it’s just a knock knock joke. Don’t cry about it.

Never Prank a Sasquatch

by smiley ~ July 28th, 2008

This Jack Links commercial is the best example of why you should never prank a Sasquatch.


by smiley ~ July 25th, 2008

Listen, do you hear the sound of chirping Woo Me Birds?

Neither do I.  I have always wanted to hear one.  Let me know if you ever hear one.

Hairy Fish?

by smiley ~ July 25th, 2008

You wouldn’t dare stare at a fish with no hair.  But a bear with no hair you might give a care.

The All Vitamin Diet

by smiley ~ July 23rd, 2008

Recently I tried one of the little Sasquatches vitamins.  It was a chewable one shaped like a stone age cartoon character.  I not big on needing a variety of food an often times I find eating to be a big waste of time that could be better spent on other efforts.  Because of this and the incredible flavor of the chewable kid’s vitamins I am beginning a research project on whether a grown Sasquatch can live on vitamins alone.  After I eliminate eating I am going to start working on eliminating the need for sleep.  Anybody have any suggestions?

Ode to a Waffle

by smiley ~ July 22nd, 2008

Oh my sweet, checkered waffle how wonderful you are.  I pull you from the freezer and place you in my toaster.  When you are slightly burnt you pop up.  I butter you and cover you in syrup.  You are a meal fit for a lazy old sasquatch such as myself.  I can already fell my arteries clogging.  Thank you waffle for giving me something tastey to eat.

Joke of the Monday

by smiley ~ July 21st, 2008

Two guys walk into a bar.

The third one ducks.